We believe that people will embrace the sharing economy more and more and choose to live an asset-light lifestyle, keeping more options open. Whilst renting seems an appropriate means of enabling a shared economy, we believe that ownership trumps rent. Why? Primarily because, through ownership, the owner participates in any increase in value of the asset, which is one of the core criteria in making an investment. Therefore, we would argue that enabling co-ownership of an asset is the way forward for our business and for our aspirational target audience.

Shared ownership serves 2 purposes:
(a) it is lowering the entry barrier of investing into an asset or object that fulfils a passion or pursuit of a personally important purpose, enabling our customers to get access to objects, and opportunities currently out of reach and (b) it nevertheless allows us to offer you an associated real-life experience, enabling you to touch, feel and enjoy the object first-hand – creating a tangible, emotional return on investment.

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