We are big believers in the power of supply and demand. This can be facilitated by the capability of a platform business such as TEND where buyers and owners of assets will find a mutual interest in interacting.

For TEND we believe in 3 important determinants of marketplace creation:

•    „We-ness’: this is the extent to which a group of people experience a sense of belonging - it’s the closeness of the micro-network. Its origin is in like-mindedness, the sharing of goals and interests or a passion....a feeling of contributing to a best-of-class platform’s success. 

•    Secondly, careful governance ensures healthy participation. That means robust due diligence around consumer and asset permissioning; likewise, for the sourcing, custody, service and storage of the assets. This attention to detail extends to the scheduling and preparation of experience events.

•    Thirdly, strong matching, meaning that the right products to fulfil the clients’ expectations must be available through the platform at the right moment. Scale - or volume - leads to liquidity and this is a vitally important ingredient in ensuring that clients will be able to buy and sell assets when they want and in line with their specification.

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